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Doug Patterson : new drawings, mountains, volcanoes, and nuclear fusion!

During the last twelve months my artwork has changed dramatically. The shift in subject matter has coincided with a more painterly approach resulting from a series of journeys with extremes of atmospherics, daylight lost in clouds, snow storms and hurricanes.

In November 2013 I spent three weeks on the island of St Kilda, as a guest of the National Trust of Scotland. In march I sailed along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to the Russian border on a cargo boat, and more recently I visited the volcano on the the island of St Vincent in the Grenadines.

In tandem with my travelling, I have been working as the artist in residence at the Culham Centre for Nuclear Fusion in Oxford.

Here, I experienced a star being created in the Tokomat Reactor at temperatures in excess of 150,000 degrees, that’s hotter than the core of the sun. This research project will save mankind.

These projects are all part of an overall project to travel and illustrate twenty sacred places throughout the world, and will form a one man show in London in 2016.


Two new exhibitions: Eleonora Knowland and Liz Waugh McManus

Two Artworks artists, Eleonora Knowland and Liz Waugh McManus, have solo exhibitions opening next weekend. Interestingly, both exhibitions feature colour and light as a means to express ideas about memory, time and a sense of place. Eleonora Knowland is a painter concerned with landscape and Liz Waugh McManus is a multi-media artist who works with glass and projected film.

Eleonora Knowland originally developed painting on curved canvases as a way of expressing the undulating surface of the East Anglian landscape, but they have now become an intricate part of her artwork. A recent trip to Australia has inspired a new collection of paintings. The colours in these canvases speak of a hotter climate, stronger, and bolder, with an intensity of light.


© Eleonora Knowland 2014

Meet Eleonora Knowland at the preview of her exhibition of new paintings, Australian Abstractions, on Saturday 10th May 2014, from 11.30 am – 3.30 pm at The Buckenham Galleries, Southwold, Suffolk.

Australian Abstractions is open daily from Saturday 10th May – Tuesday 10th June 2014.
Buckenham Galleries
81 High Street
IP18 6DS


Liz Waugh McManus has a multi-faceted art practice that embraces sculpture, film, and visual theatre. A new exhibition featuring glass sculpture and video installations is at The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk. The exhibition preview is on Saturday 10th May between 12 noon and 2pm. All are welcome to attend.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday 6th May to Saturday 31st May 2014.

Liz Waugh McManus
Malt Room Gallery
The Cut
New Cut
IP19 8BY