Tom Charles

My photography revolves around the landscape, in particular our relationship to it. Nowhere do I feel more at home than the windswept and often bleak Suffolk coast. The cliffs slumping into the sea, the ever-shifting shingle dunes, the echoes of the past. These are special places which through walking, patience and observation slowly reveal something of their rhythms and their history. I’m particularly drawn to landscapes which play on the imagination, for example the lost city of Dunwich, the top secret cover-ups of Orford Ness and the ancient red crag cliffs of Bawdsey, harking back to the time of Doggerland. I work slowly using medium & large format black and white film which I process by hand.

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I was born and grew up in Suffolk, leaving only to study documentary photography at Falmouth Art University in Cornwall. Although what I do now could hardly be described as documentary, the principles of long-form work; working in series, storytelling and extensive research have hugely influenced my practice. I taught myself to process B&W film and make silver gelatin prints by hand while at sixth form college, and it remains my preferred working method.

Recent Projects
2022 – Crag & Clay (ongoing)
2022 – S.S.R.R. (Southwold Sailor’s Reading Room). Self published book
2021 – A Slight Air of Menace (short film)
2021 – NESS
2021 – Autumn – Winter
2020 – Dunwich (short film)

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