Eleonora Knowland

I am currently working on trying to capture the sound of owls over a meadow. It has been a struggle to interpret the sound to vision, but I believe I am gradually arriving at something that I am happy with.

We have had barn owls nesting in an oak tree near by, but also hear tawny and little owls at night. These night-time killers cry out and cut through the quiet of still nights. Walks in crisp bright moonlight have also been part of the experience I am trying to translate into paint.

My work is about Suffolk, the sounds, the colours, the undulations and the experiences of living here for the last 43 years. It is an ever changing palette, a constant inspiration, but difficult to capture in paint.

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Born in Holland in 1952, Eleonora Knowland moved to London at the age of three and was educated at a Rudolph Steiner school. Married to a Suffolk farmer, she has lived in East Anglia since 1970 and much of her creative inspiration is derived from the subtle beauty of the open Suffolk landscape. From a career in interior design and fashion, Eleonora studied Fine Art at Colchester School of Art and Design where she graduated in 2006 with a First Class Honours degree. She has exhibited in both East Anglia and London.

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Halesworth Gallery
Naze Gallery
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