ARTWORKS: Jazz Green mini paintings

New mini postcard art from Jazz Green:

As some visitors to previous Artworks exhibitions may have noticed, I quite enjoy creating small, intricate collages. These are original paintings on watercolour paper, inspired by the endless scraps of paper and card that I duly keep for mixed media & collage. There is something very therapeutic about working on a small scale. Usually, textured abstraction is seen on large scale canvases in big galleries – so my work seems to be an inverse of that genre of art – domestic, modest, intricate, personal.


This painting is untitled, although ‘Yellow Submarine’ was a suggestion. It is signed JG on front, JazzGreen 2021 on reverse. Size 10cm x 7.5cm, on ‘Arches’ paper, water-based, acrylic paints.

Like many abstract painters, my work is influenced by various experiences of being in the world, any views or impressions are not fixed or representational – they evolve into something ‘other’ during the process of thinking & painting – which in itself is a journey.


These little paintings are about half size of a regular A6 postcard, so technically not postcards, closer to an American format known as ACEO*.

I started out with 12 small cards, cut from a larger sheet of Arches paper (a quality French make of printmaking paper), but they are not alike: A few share similarities, but most have distinct colour palettes.


‘three blues’?

Like many artists, I had jobs to support my art practice, and when work was cancelled I took to Ebay to have a small studio sale. Simultaneously, the #artistsupportpledge started on Instagram. Exhibitions were cancelled. Through my Ebay I set up a percentage for charity. After a few sales I was delighted to discover I had donated over £100, but new art was less forthcoming in the anxiety; it seemed self-indulgent to just paint and I was unsure how to express mixed emotions. I busied myself with kind offers of work. I also decorated & decluttered, as if paving the way for a new start. A few months prior, my computer crashed and I lost all my art photos & documents, so starting over from nothing seemed to be a recurring pattern! I reflected on the tiny space in which to make some art, less space & fewer materials was somehow more reassuring – less pressure, but just enough ‘edge’ to begin.

ACEO is an acronym for ‘Art Cards, Editions and Originals’ that usually measure 2.5″ x 3.5” – they are a great way to purchase art from a range of artists, or add to an existing art collection for a gallery wall display.

See Jazz Green’s website for more details on this series of tiny paintings.

ARTWORKS: now & next year, a pop-up exhibition at a new venue!

This would have been the closing weekend of the Artworks exhibition in 2020, and this would normally mean a whole year before our next show. However, we have some good news: our next Artworks exhibition (all being well) is not a whole year away but will be opening at Artspace Woodbridge in May 2021.

New Year’s day afternoon by Nicola Coe

This pop-up exhibition – away from our usual venue of Blackthorpe Barn – was originally planned for 2020 as part of Artworks 20th Anniversary celebrations. Now, however, the exhibition at Artspace offers us a wonderful opportunity to gather together, show new work and celebrate the start of Artworks 21st year of exhibitions.

Summer Fireworks by Zoë Rubens

We hope you will find time to appreciate the work of our Artworks artists, either online or in the real world.

Greenwood by Jazz Green

Nicola Coe, Jazz Green & Zoë Rubens are now offering their art for sale online via their own websites and on social media.

Wave 1 by Carol Pask

Other Artworks artists are exhibiting more locally as galleries reopen for business. Carol Pask is currently exhibiting ceramic sculptures at the Quay Gallery at Snape Maltings until 14 October 2020, with Alfie Carpenter’s new exhibition ‘The Tide of All Things’ opening the following week, 15-21 October 2020, at the same venue.

Alfie Carpenter, detail of new work

Our artists are still creating, with many sharing glimpses of new work in progress, from Lyn Aylward, Sue Caddy, Valerie Armstrong and Gillian Crossley-Holland – you may also discover new articles about their artwork or exhibitions here on the Artworks blog.

As always, none of our exhibitions would be possible without the many wonderful visitors, supporters, sponsors and guest artists who have enabled Artworks to prosper for the last twenty years.

Our thanks to you for helping us to shape a positive vision for the future success of Artworks as we look forward to our next run of exhibitions.

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ARTWORKS: creative diversity, past times and looking ahead

The first Artworks exhibition, held twenty one years ago at Blackthorpe Barn, was assembled in a flurry of excitement.

Founder member Katie Millard, and former member Graham Portlock, no sooner had the idea of an art exhibition than they were ringing friends and associates to see if they would take part, and thus, by necessity, the first Artworks exhibition was an exhilarating mix of contemporary art.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2019

Artworks has continued to espouse this creative diversity, and this is one reason we support and exhibit the work of selected guest artists each year. I invite you to browse our archive of previous exhibitions on the Artworks website, where many of the photographs highlight this successful combination of different artists & artforms exhibited together at Artworks.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2018

Due to Covid-19, this year’s selected guest artists will now exhibit with us in 2021. The works of our guest artists includes: figurative stone carvings by Antonia Hockton, collagraph prints by Iona Howard, abstract paintings of Louise Chapman, mixed media art by Evelyn Polk, the landscape etchings of Laurie Rudling, haunting figurative sculptures by Jacquelyn Hindle and abstract bronze sculptures by Jim Racine.

Artworks members also explore a multitude of creative approaches in their art, from the exquisite botanical watercolour paintings of Alison Jones and Julia Groves, to the expressive mixed-media works of Hazel Bradshaw, Alfie Carpenter and Anne Paton.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2018

The ceramic sculptures of Cathy D’Arcy and Carol Pask will be well-known to our regular visitors, are now joined by the sculptural artworks of Sue Caddy, Nicola Coe and Zoë Rubens.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2019

The works of Colin Slee, Eileen Revett, Eleonora Knowland and Jazz Green, in the form of atmospheric charcoal drawings, precise woodcut prints, sculptural canvas paintings and mixed media collages, extend the diversity of contemporary abstract art in Artworks.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2019

There are also those of us who portray the world as we experience it in our own especial ways: Chris Gamble with her emotive drawings, Roger Gamble’s vibrant acrylic paintings, Lyn Aylward’s theatrical self portraits, Christine McKechnie’s remarkably detailed papercut collages, the unique handmade prints of trees by Janet French, plein air sketches & monoprints by Kit Price Moss, Elaine Nason’s wonderfully observed scenes of rural life and Helen Dougall’s intricately crafted wax batiks of local landscapes.

Artworks Annual Exhibition 2019

Finally, of course, there’s me, Gillian Crossley-Holland, and I’m still depicting the north Norfolk shores and local fens that endlessly inspire.

All these distinctive works by Artworks artists would normally be exhibited together in Blackthorpe barn, and if you are missing an inspiring walk around our annual exhibition this year, please do visit our archive of previous exhibitions.

Gillian Crossley-Holland
Chair of Artworks

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