Kit price Moss : Tall & Thin art exhibition, Greyfriars Art Space

Artworks artist Kit Price Moss has co-curated a ‘Tall & Thin’ exhibition with members of the West Norfolk Artists Association (Kit is chairperson of the West Norfolk Artists Association).
Kit Price Moss organised the exhibition to encourage the artists to ‘think outside their normal comfort zone’.  Each of the selected artworks are no wider than eleven inches.
Kit’s own work in the exhibition, ‘Kittywake Castle‘, is based on ‘a drawing of seabirds whilst visiting North Berwick and Dunbar last summer, depicting nesting kittiwakes on a pinnacle’.
Tall & Thin‘ is currently showing at Greyfriars Art Space from 21st May until 1st June 2012. Greyfriars Art Space is an artist run initiative in King’s Lynn providing professional exhibition opportunities and affordable studio workspace to local artists.
Of the ‘Tall & Thin‘ exhibition, Kit says: “We’ve had a terrific response here at Greyfriars Art Space, and we’ve been quite astounded by the creativity you can see here. We have works suspended from the ceiling, ceramics and sculptures besides the usual paintings”.
The artists exhibiting ‘Tall & Thin‘ works are: Helena Anderson, Tony Bellars, Helen Breach, Brenda Brown, Alan Castleton, Barbara Cichocka, Simon and Fran Crawford, Alison Dunhill, Peter Edwards, Joan Evans, Tod Evans, Ann Froshaug, Lydia Haines, John Hughes, Jill Ilett, Jane Ironside, Jo Halpin Jones, Giselle Keeble, John Lawson, Neil Leggett, Steve Martyn, Kit Price Moss, Tom Sharp, Michael Smith, Julie Spriggs, Will Strong, Tom Thompson, John and Helen Walker, Andrew Williams, Julie Witt, Joan Wooll and Pauline Wrighton.

Tall & Thin
21st May to 1st June 2012
Greyfriars Art Space (opposite Greyfriars Tower)
43 St James Street 
King’s Lynn
PE30 5BZ
Open daily, 10am – 4pm, free admission