ARTWORKS: Guest artist Laurie Rudling, sketching trees

Laurie Rudling is a guest artist originally selected for the ARTWORKS annual exhibition in September 2020 (cancelled), who will now be exhibiting with Artworks in 2021. Laurie describes himself as ‘landscape artist more absorbed by the graphic qualities of images than the ‘painterly’ or impressionistic.’

With the restrictions of lockdown easing, Laurie has been out and about sketching trees for new series of aquatint etchings.


I’ve always liked Breckland especially the shelter-belts of old Scots pines. The interplay of branches creating negative shapes against the sky satisfies my enjoyment of the abstract array of spaces and form upon the picture plane.


So finding my usual summer of art fairs and exhibitions on hold and having finished all decorating and gardening I can stomach I embarked on a sketchbook odyssey around East Wretham.

These I hope will become a series of two plate colour aquatint etchings; stages of which to be revealed as they appear.