Welcome to the ARTWORKS blog!

What is Artworks? 

Artworks is a dynamic group of thirty contemporary East Anglian professional artists. Each September we put on a special, annual showcase exhibition at the historic Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham, Suffolk, UK. Our artists come from across the East Anglian region, from North Norfolk down to Essex, from the East coast to the edge of the Fens.

Artworks was established in 2000 and the annual exhibition has proven to be an exciting and not-to-be-missed cultural event in the East Anglian art scene. All Artworks members are professional artists & well established in their creative fields. As a group Artworks is committed to promoting excellence and artistic diversity in the work of its members and delivering this unique asset of our group to the wider community.

You can read more about Artworks activities and view full profiles of all our exhibiting artists on the Artworks website – and do stay in touch with our brand new Artworks blog right here in the lead up to our next showcase exhibition in September 2011.

On the Artworks blog we aim to share a little more of what we do in the form of exhibition news & reviews, artist talks or workshops & other related events, more informal ‘take five’ style interviews with our artists, occasional stories from the artist studios and any other creative activities further afield! So please stay tuned & follow the new Artworks blog!

You can read more about Artworks history and view full profiles of all our exhibiting artists on the Artworks website.