ARTWORKS: First Saturday, The Artworks Shop & a Mini Art Show online

This is the weekend we would have been opening Artworks to the public, an exciting time and also a time to breathe a sigh of relief and know that most of the challenging work of putting on this exhibition is over and the fun can begin.

Ceramics by Sue Caddy

One of the fun events I’ve always enjoyed the most is setting up the Artworks shop, which we always do early on the first Saturday morning. It’s so delightful to open boxes of the new art works made by our members and to be setting out all the original and handmade greetings cards, but looking on the positive side it should be even more exciting next year.

November Fen by Iona Howard

Meanwhile, we do have an online slideshow of recent works on the homepage of this website. As always there is a wonderful mix of styles and subject matter; some members, Anne Paton, Kit Price Moss, Lyn Alyward and Roger Gamble have responded directly to the pandemic.

Blue Poppies by Julia Groves

Others have carried on observing the landscapes they love to explore; Alfie Carpenter, Janet French, Helen Dougall, Colin Slee and Iona Howard. While other members, Sue Caddy, Jazz Green, Antonia Hockton, Evelyn Polk and Julia Groves have continued to pursue the disciplines that inspire them.

Do browse our website to enjoy this range of work.

If you’ve been saving up to buy a special artwork and this was to be the year, please use the contact page link on the Artworks website.

Gillian Crossley-Holland

(Artworks Chair)

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