Roger Gamble

For most of my artistic life I have been a figurative painter, for many years depicting people and places, ironies and paradoxes. My training as a lithographic artist had lead me into a desire for accuracy. I think now it may have sometimes been at the expense of  inspiration. Whilst realism will always be my base, my comfort zone, I have for some time now been drawn towards the opportunities presented by the essential elements of my local Breckland landscape, those rows of gnarled pines, spinneys of ash and birch, and the conifers of Thetford forest.

I enjoy deconstructing, reconstructing, looking for alternative ways of interpreting the information whilst holding on to the essential song that the idea is singing. Painting is a continuous process of discovery and self-discovery

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Studying at the City of Norwich School and Norwich School of Art, Roger was trained as a Lithographic Artist with Jarrolds, retiring from a career in publishing and printing in 1994 to concentrate on music and painting. Gaining first prize in the Eastern Open exhibition created impetus and interest from galleries. Success followed with acceptances at London’s Mall Galleries and other exhibitions and commissions. He is a founder-member of the Breckland Artists group.Currently exhibits with Breckland Artists and Artworks, and in Norwich’s Mandell’s Gallery.

The old King’s Head, Brockdish
Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich
Breckland Artists: Wymondham Arts Centre
Artworks, Blackthorpe Barn

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