Sue Caddy

Found objects in the natural world continue to inspire my ceramic pieces. Whether I am walking on a beach or through a woodland I am compelled to pick up seeds, shells, fossils, cones or even interesting pieces of plant life, my pockets always seem to contain some of these fascinating sculptural treasures.

Elements from these natural objects seem to emerge in my hand built work, they evolve intuitively into forms that become something ‘other’, but which try to capture an essence of nature, hopefully drawing the viewer in to take a closer look and deciding for themselves what the pieces evoke.

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After gaining a BA in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland I went on to become an art therapist working within the NHS psychiatric system. Art as a valuable therapeutic tool has always interested me and more recently I undertook a Masters in Sculptural Practice at the Minories in Colchester where I explored this interest further.

Masters at the Minories, Colchester 2015

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