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A virtual visit to the Artworks Shop!

Welcome back to the Artworks blog! Today, we thought it would be a lovely idea to give our visitors a virtual tour (or taste!) of the small delights in the Artworks Shop!

The Artworks Shop is always a favourite destination for people visiting the main Artworks exhibition at Blackthorpe Barn. All the art currently on display in the Artworks Shop is available for immediate purchase.

Browsers containing original prints, paintings and drawings

One of the most exciting things to do is to riffle through the browsers (shown above) and discover a small work by one of your favourite artists in the main exhibition! Many of these unframed works come straight from the artists’ studios and may have not been exhibited (or even seen!) before.

We are happy to offer some advice on framing should you require it (just ask at the sales desk). Recently discovered in one of the browsers is this charming original linocut print by Elaine Nason, ‘Woman bathing‘.

All the artworks on display on the walls of the Artworks Shop can also be purchased and taken away immediately. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to an original, framed work of art at an affordable price.

Works by Lynn Hutton, Valerie Armstrong, Gill Levin, Gillian Crossley-Holland & Ben Quail

In addition to the many works on paper and small framed paintings for sale, there are also some delightful sculptural pieces offered by the artists Jazz Green, Carol Pask and Virginia Wright. 

Jazz Green’s intriguing papier mache vessels (shown below) have the appearance of ancient stone relics, the pleasing combination of light blue ceramic and grey stone or slate in Carol Pask’s assemblages evoke the colours of the coast and the free-standing glass works by Virginia Wright in translucent greys and browns conjure up walks in the woods.

Papier mache bowls by Jazz Green

Small sculptures by Carol Pask

Sculptural glass works by Virginia Wright

As usual, there is also a fabulous range of original greetings cards for sale, many of which are printed in small runs and are not available to purchase elsewhere. Shown below are the very popular cards by printmaker Penny Bhadresa.

Prints and cards by Penny Bhadresa
Highly recommended are Katie Millard’s & Eileen Revett’s unique range of artist cards. Katie’s are original watercolour paintings and Eileen’s are handmade woodcut prints, with both ranges perfect for framing to hang on your wall! 
Janet French’s cards feature one of her environmental tree prints, as illustrated below.
Helen Dougall’s colourful collection of cards include her stunning wax batik designs but much reduced in scale. In the Artworks Shop you will discover we have greetings cards to suit all tastes and occasions!
We hope you will enjoy the many delightful works of art on offer in the Artworks shop. The wall display changes as sold works are replaced with new works for sale. 
From left to right, artworks by Helen Dougall, Janet French, Eileen Revett, Anthony Jones & Lynn Hutton
Something worth a closer look is Lynn Hutton’s exquisite porcelain relief sculpture, ‘When Eve met the serpent‘ (shown above and below).

When Eve met the serpent by Lynn Hutton

All in all, the Artworks Shop is a most tempting addition to the art in the main Artworks exhibition. 
So, we welcome your visit to the Artworks Shop!

Artworks Prize Draw: Modern Abstractions

As mentioned in a previous post, the Janette Place Mini Artworks Prize Draw is a popular feature in the annual Artworks exhibition. The mini artworks are all original works at just 6″ x 6″ square. They are all presented in standard card mounts for easy framing.

Here at the Artworks blog, we thought it would be a great idea to publish a series of exclusive ‘previews’ of all thirty mini artworks in the Janette Place Mini Artworks Prize Draw 2011 (as previously mentioned here) in the run up to the Artworks exhibition.

Today, we have selected six mini artworks to show you, with a modern, abstract or minimalist style – subtle or strong dimensions in colour, simple lines and structures. The six original mini works featured here are by: Jazz GreenAnthony JonesEleonora KnowlandMac McCaughan, Katie Millard and Eileen Revett. We hope you enjoy this selection – and remember, the prize draw tickets are on sale throughout the Artworks exhibition at just £2 each!

Katie Millard

Mac McCaughan

Anthony Jones

Jazz Green

Eleonora Knowland

Eileen Revett
The Janette Place Mini Artworks Prize Draw takes place on Saturday 1st October 2011 at 4pm. The Prize Draw tickets are £2 each, on sale throughout the duration of the Artworks exhibition – just enquire at the reception desk. All the mini artworks are original works of art, not reproductions!
The Janette Place Mini Artworks Prize Draw provides funding for Artworks work with local schools, with a proportion of the draw proceeds going to charity. In 2011 we are supporting the Bradfield Green Oak Centre project run by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

The Suffolk Wildlife Trust are constructing an innovative new education centre at the site of Bradfield Woods in Suffolk, using green oak harvested from  Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s own nature reserves as part of their conservation management programme. You can see some photos of the project on the Bradfield Green Oak Centre’s blog.

Next time, we will focus on some different mini artworks, on the theme of travel and the landscape, each artist’s work capturing a unique sense of time and place.

The Artworks 12th annual art exhibition runs from 10 September – 2 October 2011, open 10am – 5pm daily, at Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9JG.

Entry to the Artworks exhibition is free, there is ample parking with full disability access (two wheelchairs are also available if required). There will also be the Artworks Cafe alongside the very popular Artworks Gallery Shop, selling small paintings, original prints & drawings, ceramics, sculpture and glass, in addition to a wonderful selection of artists greetings cards. We hope you will enjoy your visit!