Martin Coe

My work is a reflection on my surroundings in that I’m trying to find a sense of place through the act of painting. I try to find moments that resonate and that also produce a harmony which calls me to respond to them. In as much of my work records the landscape that is around me, which I experience and travel though on a regular basis day in day out. I am constantly trying to look at it in different ways, be it in different light or times of the day or year. I want to find the right combination of factors that speak to me. My aim is to create distillations of these locations within my work, by taking what I see as a starting point. I want to produce work that has the feel of the space and light that I know. Each painting evolves from being about an actual location to a series of marks that attempt to convey my response to that place.

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Martin Coe grow up in London, but has lived in Suffolk for over eleven years now, and lives with his wife who is also an artist. He has a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

Member of Ipswich Art Society and Suffolk Open Studios.

Recent Exhibitions
Ipswich Art Society Annual Exhibition, The Old Art School, Ipswich
‘Borders’ Ipswich and Colchester Art Society exhibition, The Old Art School, Ipswich
Twelve Plus Arts, The Grundisburgh House Gallery

Instagram: @martincoeart

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