Simon Kimmins

My work is influenced by the lives of real people as well as mythology and tradition.

I have always been interested in the fragile nature of the human condition. How we all make quick, knee-jerk decisions about others – mostly from just a look – with no real idea as to whether our evaluation is right or wrong.

In my painting I try to capture a single expression and provide the viewer, with the luxury of time, an opportunity to guess the story behind the look.

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Having completed a graphic design course (BA Hons) at Camberwell School of Art, I spent the next 25 years living and working in London, including running my own small building firm. In 2013 I moved to Suffolk and started painting and drawing again in earnest.

Recent Exhibitions
2018 Hackney Road Studios, Woodbridge
2019 Aldeburgh Gallery, Aldeburgh
2020 Aldeburgh Gallery, Aldeburgh
2021 Hackney Road Studios, Woodbridge
2022 Aldeburgh Gallery, Aldeburgh

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