Chris Gamble

I am addicted to the visual, the perceived colours of the roadway against the verges, the light on a figure or face, the line of a hand, arm or body. In addition to these experiences there are those created by the visual media themselves, the quality of drawn lines, the fluidity of paint, the design of the composition, shape and texture of three dimensional work, amongst other elements.

In my own work I do not want a carefully controlled image. I would like to be surprised by what has happened in the way that a toddler is surprised and delighted by the marks it has been able to make. I would like the viewer to use her/his experience and imagination to enjoy the marks. During and since lockdown I have looked back into past sketchbooks for ideas and information.

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I have made drawings and paintings since infancy and I attended Lowestoft Art School at eighteen. I took up printmaking during a degree course at UEA and exhibited at Norwich Print Fair and am included in one of their publications. As a member of Breckland Artists and Artworks, I regularly exhibit in their shows, and have also shown in Mandells Gallery in Norwich. My work has sold in London, Newcastle, widely in East Anglia and in major open exhibitions such as The Discerning Eye, the Eastern Open (a prize winner), Art forCure, and the Castle EAAF biennial exhibitions in Norwich. It has travelled to Europe, America and Canada.

Norwich Castle, EAAF Inheritance exhibition
Breckland Artists at St Margarets Church Norwich 2018
Breckland Artists, Wymondham Arts Centre 2018
Artworks Annual Exhibition

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