ARTWORKS: Guest Artist Louise Chapman on painting in ‘lockdown’

Louise Chapman was looking forward to exhibiting with Artworks as a guest artist in 2020. The cancellation of our annual exhibition has not deterred Louise from creating new work in lockdown:

New beginnings, mixed media on canvas

Determined to turn ‘lockdown’ into a positive I decided like many artists to use the time to experiment, painting some semi abstract work, developing my interest in collage and marrying the two in mixed media pieces.

On the h, mixed media on canvas

This has proved a very rewarding experience, producing works that I am pleased with in their own right, and leading and teaching me new ways of working.

Everything I love, mixed media collage

Collage practice has assisted significantly in the development of the design and composition of my large abstract oil paintings, inspiring me to get back into the studio as soon as possible following a recent very successful exhibition in Framlingham late this summer.

Keeping the balls in the air, oil on canvas

The results of this successful and exciting phase will, I hope, be evident in the work I will produce and exhibit next year as a guest artist with Artworks at Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham, a long held ambition.

Louise Chapman

ARTWORKS: Julia Groves and the alchemy of pigments

This year my continuing journey into the alchemy of pigments and paint making has led me to explore metal leaf.

I found learning how to do this more physical activity, than some of my detailed botanical work, was easier for me to engage with as it required a different kind of focus during lockdown.

The preciousness and impermanence of this human life were in my thoughts whilst making this work


These new paintings delve once again into the worlds of the rose and the poppy, with a focus on formal and symbolic qualities of light and shadows.


The pieces also have an ever-changing movement which is created as light plays with the lustre of the metal surface.

Julia Groves

Recent & new exhibitions

I am showing work at the Wildwood Gallery in Bury St Edmunds this summer, work can be seen at the gallery or is also on their website.

I will be exhibiting work as part of the Iceni Botanical Artists online exhibition from early October.

ARTWORKS: Guest artist Laurie Rudling, sketching trees

Laurie Rudling is a guest artist originally selected for the ARTWORKS annual exhibition in September 2020 (cancelled), who will now be exhibiting with Artworks in 2021. Laurie describes himself as ‘landscape artist more absorbed by the graphic qualities of images than the ‘painterly’ or impressionistic.’

With the restrictions of lockdown easing, Laurie has been out and about sketching trees for new series of aquatint etchings.


I’ve always liked Breckland especially the shelter-belts of old Scots pines. The interplay of branches creating negative shapes against the sky satisfies my enjoyment of the abstract array of spaces and form upon the picture plane.


So finding my usual summer of art fairs and exhibitions on hold and having finished all decorating and gardening I can stomach I embarked on a sketchbook odyssey around East Wretham.

These I hope will become a series of two plate colour aquatint etchings; stages of which to be revealed as they appear.