Nicola Coe

I make art about nature for nature. I make all my work in the studio but seem to do all my thinking outside in the landscape. Finding myself preoccupied with four main habitats; those of Meadow, Woodland, Hedgerow and Coast. I walk these landscapes regularly.

I notice, I collect natural finds and I write down my creative ideas in my mind. I find my creative ideas forming when perhaps I am handling the shape of a nest found in the garden or finding a feather out whilst walking the dogs, watching the weather and seasons change throughout the year.

Over the past year I have become more and more concerned with conservation. Even on a simple everyday level such as conservation of our domestic hedges for nesting birds. I feel very strongly that my work is heading in a direction that may be able to highlight local and global issues with native species and habitat loss. It is part of my own everyday life, both in the garden and home and in my studio practice.

I work with many mediums and have recently starting working with recycled metal as a way of depicting the intricate nature of a birds nest, as well as being a nod towards our loss of natural habitat for these creatures at nesting time.

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Nicola Coe lives in Suffolk with her artist husband and a number of dogs, cats and chickens. Her studio sits in the middle of her garden and the Suffolk countryside. She holds a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

Member of ARTWORKS
Member of Suffolk Craft Society.
Member of Ipswich Art Society

Exhibitions in 2022
Suffolk Craft Society, The Longshed, Woodbridge, July 2022
Twelve Plus Arts, The Grundisburgh House Gallery, July 2022
SWT Foxburrow Farm, Solo show, September 2022
ARTWORKS Annual Exhibition, September/October 2022
Four Nature, Artspace Gallery, Woodbridge, October 2022
Twelve Plus Arts, Winter show, December 2022

Instagram: @nicolacoeajournal

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